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Real Animal Skeleton.

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MSRP: $125.00
Price: From $71.00 to $300.00
Manufacturer: Economy
Manufacturer Part No: AnimSkel

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Our Skeleton Specimens are real animal bones, cleaned and specially treated.  Each specimen is articulated in a natural posture and mounted on a finished wooden base with removable clear acrylic cover and individually boxed.  Makes an interesting educational aid or unique display.
Part # Description Species Price
51001 Fish Skeleton Carassius carassius $72.00
51002 Toad Skeleton Bufo melanostictus $71.00
51003 Pigeon Skeleton Columba livia (Rock Dove) $115.00
51004 Rabbit Skeleton Oryctolagus cuniculus $155.00
51005 Turtle Skeleton Trachemys scripta $114.00
51006 Poisonous Snake Agkistrodon halys (Pallas pit viper) $83.00
51007 Lizard Skeleton Eumences chinesis (Skink) $72.00
51008-A Chicken Skeleton with chick Gallus domestica $300.00
51009 Cat Skeleton Felis catus $207.00
51010 Bat Skeleton Pipistrellus abramus $75.00
51012 Rat Skeleton Rattus norvegicus albue $94.50
51016 Non-Poisonous Snake Dinodon rufoznatum $84.00
51017 Frog Skeleton (prone position) Rana pipiens $71.00

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